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Social Organization

Traditional Diaguita society tended to be was organized around family and extended family ties. But the modern Diaguita indigenous community has only recently emerged, under the auspices of Indigenous Law Nº 19.253, although many of its current members are longstanding participants in Neighborhood Associations, Campesino Boards, Agricultural Collectives and/or Irrigation Associations in the same territory. With the official constitution of the Diaguita indigenous people, today these people are organized according to the provisions set out in the Indigenous Law for that purpose. The first Diaguita community officially constituted under the Law was Estancia Agrícola Diaguita de los Huascoaltinos, which formed in 2006. Later, other Diaguita indigenous communities emerged, encouraged by their respective municipalities and the collective will of their members. Those communities include Alto del Carmen, Vallenar and Freirina, in the Huasco Valley, and the most recently formed (in 2013) Comunidad Diaguita Taucán de Chalinga, in the Choapa Valley.