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Indigenous Stories > Kawashkar > The Story of the Toads

As told by José Tonko Wide (Kstákso)
Horcón, 1976

The east wind and the west wind say this, that … they blew, were blowing against one another, so the story goes.

Some toads who were frozen in their canoe were steering their vessel, almost dead with cold, goes the story.

And the toads’ canoe was destroyed,

And when they saw it destroyed, theyabandoned it, left it, the story goes.

Still frozen, they huddled together afterward for warmth, and,abandoned to their fate, they fell asleep and dreamed who knows what things…according to the story, it was a horrible dream, they say, and they awoke with a start, they say.

Somewhere…the west wind blew hard against their canoe…and…it was destroyed when they were repairing it, the two of them, they say.

Afterward, as the west wind continued to blow, they could not go out, and their canoe was destroyed, they say.

Later, the winds continued to rage, and the sea entered the canoe and they were dying of cold, they say.

And when they saw the canoe destroyed, they abandoned it, they say.

Later, the dawn came, and with it the good weather, they say.

Kawésqar Stories
Collected, transcribed and translated by: Oscar E. Aguilera Faúndez and José S. TonkoPaterito